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Getting Started

Download Emulator

The Smash64 Online community primarily uses Project64KSE.

Download GitHub

Obtain the Smash64 ROM

You must legally obtain your own ROM. This site does not endorse or condone piracy. Do not ask how to obtain a ROM in Discord.

Configure your ROM Directory

Open Project64KSE.exe and select your ROM directory (where your ROM is located).

Select your Plugins


GLideN64 Public Release 4.0 Recommended OpenGL

The most accurate and best looking plugin, but usually crashes the emulator when ending emulation.

GLideN64 Public Release 2.0 OpenGL

Correctly renders most things in-game and does not crash the emulator when ending emulation.

Jabo’s Direct3D8 1.6 DirectX

Older plugin that uses less resources than GLideN64, but has visual glitches (does not show invincibility). Only use if you can’t run GLideN64 or OpenGL.


Azimer's Audio v0.30 (Old Driver) Recommended

Standard audio plugin. Other audio plugins may cause desyncs. It is recommended to reduce Buffer Size so game audio is less delayed. This is not saved and must be done every emulator restart.

No Sound

Simple audio plugin that disables sound entirely. Does not seem to cause desyncs.


raphnetraw 1 player NET version Recommended Original Hori

Best plug and play adapter for original and hori controllers. Both single and dual port versions work. No configuration necessary. For offline multiplayer use raphnetraw for Project64 version.

N-Rage Xbox Playstation Keyboard

Used with 3rd-party controllers/adapters, like Xbox/PS3/PS4/Keyboard. There are 3 versions available, and up to preference. You must map your own buttons, and enable RAW data.


Make sure the 1. Netplay Required cheat is checked when you set up Project64KSE for the first time. This is a one time process and does not need to be done every time you launch the emulator. Start the game first to apply the cheat. If you use cheats other than 1. Netplay Required you may need to recheck your cheats every time you launch the game.

Start Netplay

A netplay game can either be via Server or P2P. Higher ping causes higher frame delay. Most players will play on 2 frames or less, some may tolerate 3 frames. You must restart the emulator if another player is joining or any player changes port. Servers may sometimes go down and active servers may be found on the master server list.

Connecting via Server

  • Join server
  • Host or join lobbies to play
  • Host starts game
  • Up to 4 players can play

Connecting via P2P

  • Host must have ports forwarded and provide external IP to other player
  • Both players tick Ready to start the game
  • Up to 2 players can play


If you are still having trouble ask in #help in the main Smash64 discord. Outdated Guide